Tree of Life '84 exists to lead mothers and children into their God-given identity and calling, enabling them to minister powerfully with signs and wonders and bring healing to the nation. Tree of Life '84 will fulfill its mission by providing a two-phase program for mothers and their babies.



Phase 1. Tree of Life '84 will care for the mothers by providing a home environment where their physical and spiritual needs will be met throughout their pregnancy. They will be discipled and taught biblical principles, which will lead them to the life Jesus promises in John 10:10. Each mother will receive counseling, basic education, and training in job and life skills from trained members of Tree of Life '84. By partnering with a variety of businesses, organizations and churches around the country, Tree of Life '84 will provide mothers with job opportunities and spiritual covering.

Phase 2. After their babies are born, mothers will have two options:           

  •   Be discharged from the facility and raise their children on their own 
  •   Grant full legal custody of the child to Tree of Life '84

Understanding that the development of a child requires educational, physical, emotional and spiritual components, Tree of Life '84 will partner with a variety of organizations to ensure that these children become the men and women God created them to be. Whether they become lawyers, doctors, government officials, missionaries, pastors or another vocation, they will be men and women who walk in the authority and power of God. They will be known as a fearless generation, not one defined by limitations, abandonment or rejection but one whose identity is in Christ (Eph.1:3-6).

The key is to intervene in the children’s lives before they’re born and create an environment in which both they, as well as their future generations, have opportunities for a better life.

Tree of Life '84 will be registered as a social project in Nicaragua. Although it will be spiritually connected with The Foursquare Church, it will be its own entity and report directly to its board of directors.

Tree of Life '84 will be built in northern Nicaragua near the city of Estelí—the birthplace of Mauricio Rodriguez, founder of Tree of Life '84. It will be located approximately 18 miles outside the city in a region known as “Las Delicias,” a rural and mountainous area with no running water or electricity. Discussions currently are under way for purchasing the land where Tree of Life '84 will be built.